Handpresso Story


Handpresso… is the portable espresso maker…. And it’s in a world of its own!  With its portable machines, Handpresso has combined coffee quality and mobility. It is now possible to drink a premium-quality coffee,  wherever you are.

Today, Handpresso works with members of the coffee community,  innovates and designs new products that are constantly pushing the limits of specialty coffee. After its pure espresso experience, the company is extending its reach to all coffee fans. Our range of portable machines includes devices to prepare long or short coffees. Anywhere!

Moreover, Handpresso's story continues to grow thanks to partnerships with leading car manufacturers such as FIAT, AUDI, VW, Suzuki and Skoda. 

Handpresso has a wide range of manual or electric machines, which travel with you during all your leisure activities, long drives and even for work. Distributed in over 50 countries, 400,000 Handpresso machines have already been sold worldwide, generating just as many happy users and brand aficionados.

Back to the very beginning… 

It took just two years from the original idea to launch the Handpresso Wild (now known as Handpresso Pump), an innovative breakthrough in mobile espresso. With its portable espresso machines, Handpresso truly revolutionized the espresso market, to the delight of its inventor. As a great espresso lover on the move, he wanted to be able to travel with an espresso machine at hand. Going against the tide of the most famous brands, he was looking for simplicity and together with his R&D team, managed to reach a 16 bar-pressure manually. This created a tasty espresso on par with the best espresso machines. 

With the Handpresso Wild, officially launched in January 2008 at the Show in Milan, Handpresso became the undisputed leader of the portable espresso.  Matching its slogan ‘Espresso Anywhere’, Handpresso is used in all situations and throughout the world! Distributed in more than 50  countries, Handpresso machines are now enjoyed by 300,000 users and coffe enthusiats worldwide. Its original and stylish design has been recognised in France and worldwide. Thus, the Handpresso won 7 major international design prizes, including IF 08 in Germany, l’Observeur 08 in France, Formland2008 in Denmark and Going Green 2009 in the US.

With Handpresso AUTO, the first espresso machine specifically designed for the automotive world, Handpresso has caused another revolution. Now car trips are punctuated by espresso breaks to create and even more enjoyable drive. 

The Handpresso concept

Handpresso constantly develops new solutions to enable you to drink a genuine espresso or a tasty coffee where it was never possible before.

Simplicity is at the core of the Handpresso concept. Simple in design, these attractive portable machines are also simple to use to make great coffee wherever you are.

The Handpresso coffee break is above expectations. Thanks to the 16 bar pressure, Handpresso produces creamy, top quality espressos wherever you like! The Handpresso Auto machines enable you to prepare great 80 to 110 ml coffees in your car.

Handpresso lets you leave the office or the kitchen and enjoy a good coffee when travelling, during your leisure time, during weekends away, on a job site or on holiday. 

A friendly experience
The coffee break is a time to share that Handpresso has created for you both indoors and outdoors, at home and elsewhere